Comments, Reblogging and Contributions Policy

This is a G rated blog and as such I promise you, my reader, that I will do my very best to keep everything you read here (comments included) safe and clean.  (Maybe PG, The Last Voyage of Richard Breen is kinda scary)

Comments Policy
All comments are welcome and accepted after I have read them, even negative ones, so long as they are generally respectful (that is, non-abusive) but more importantly clean and free of any vulgarity.
To clarify, please do not include any name calling (of myself or other people), threats, bad words, drug references or lewd comments.  I want this blog to be available to writers of all ages and people of all backgrounds and personal codes of conduct.  I reserve the right to decline any comment on any grounds but I will try to allow it if you try to keep it clean.

Reblogging Policy
I cannot vouch for the content of other people’s blogs so please forgive me if you see me re-blogged somewhere else that you might find offensive.  It is my general policy to share my work here at “How to Write Like An Octopus” with any interested parties.
Feel free to reblog any post, comment on it here or with added commentary on your blog.  All of my articles here are the original writing of Robert JV Christensen (me) and as such they are all copyright protected, so do not pretend you wrote them.  However, any and all reblogging, sharing or otherwise commentary and critique is welcome.
If I’ve gotten an idea started in your head and you want to follow up on it on your blog, feel free.  Just please direct your audience back here if you use any material from one of my posts.

Contributions Policy
“How to Write Like an Octopus” does not accept guest bloggers at this time.


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