Writing Prompt: Holy Pirate Leprechauns, Octopus! It’s Irish Folklore in A Random Genre!

Octopus vs.Pirate Leprechaun

Hello there my Inklings!  Are you having a great Tuesday the 17th?  I hope so.

Since it happens to be St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d try prompting myself with a traditional Irish folklore monster in a style and setting that I wouldn’t normally expect to find them.  Feel free to try it for yourself.  I chose to randomly roll up a combination using the dice roller at random.org (https://www.random.org/dice/).  For traditionalists, I have included the possibility of a Fantasy story set in the Dark Ages featuring a folklore creature.

Even if you decide not to write something, I highly recommend the folklore info links below for some Irish themed St. Patty’s day reading.

Choose a Genre/Style
1. Fantasy
2. Mystery/Suspense
3. Western
4. Science Fiction
5. Memoir
6. Limerick

A Setting
1. Ancient Civilization (Ancient Egyptian or earlier, can be entirely fictional if you wish)
2. The Distant Future
3. Present Day
4. The American Old West
5. The Golden Age of Piracy (1600’s in the Caribbean, doesn’t have to be about pirates.)
6. The Dark Ages

Choose an Irish Monster (links to additional information)
1. Leprechaun (Leprechaun Info)
2. Banshee (Banshee Info)
3. Dullahan (Dullahan Info)
4. Pooka (Pooka/Puca Info)
5. Ballybogs (Ballybog Info)
6. Undine (Undine Info)

A host of other Irish folklore information can be found here: http://www.bellaterreno.com/art/irish/default.aspx

I rolled

2. Mystery/Suspense

5. The Golden Age of Piracy (1600’s in the Caribbean)

2. Banshee.

I’ll share my writing project based on this prompt later in the week.  Have fun, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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